Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vanadium - a metal with unlimited fields of application

Wieland Hopfe
The energy debate is moving society. Alternative energy is due to lack
of development unfortunately not feasible in a broad mass. A small
step in this direction is the development of novel vanadium batteries,
which allow unlimited recharging cycles without wear. However, this
requires a suitable treatment of this particular metal. Among these
the FRITSCH FRITSCH Cutting Mills and planetary ball mills play an
important role in research and development. These allow complex
comminution of tough-metallic materials such as Vanadium.

The first in the 18th Century discovered metal that is known for its
electronic configuration and the transition metal was processed for
the first time 100 years later. With the technological advances made
it possible to prepare vanadium so that the properties of this element
came into its own. By the addition of crushed vanadium could create
new properties and metallic surfaces. Among other fine addition to
vanadium, chromium, nickel, cobalt, tungsten and other metals in a
balanced mixture is used for the alloy. Biochemical processes of
animal cells, for example use of vanadium for its metabolism and
circulation, plant cells, however, require it to conduct
photosynthesis for energy production can be.

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